Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No idea

So i really have no idea what to write about anymore. I'm clueless. So now i'm just writing about random things again. Uh i have a biology test on friday, a bio lab quiz tomorrow, which will probably be really hard, and oh i just got back from the emergency room. We had to take my mom to the hospital because my 130 pound rottie puppy was all excited and running around the house. He then ran into my mom by accident and she fell really hard, hit her knee, her head and landed on her right shoulder. She couldn't move it at all and she has an A-C seperation. That is where two bones in your shoulder seperate. And if the swelling doesn't go down, then there is something wrong with her rotater cuff, and she will need shoulder surgery. So now she has a sling on her arm and has to go back to the doctors in two days. Things just come right after another in life. Oh well.


  1. aww rottie's are so cute! i want one so badly! but that's horrible with what happened with your mother. i hope she feels betterr!

  2. I know how you feel about not knowing what to write about.