Thursday, November 5, 2009


SO today was just like a completely bad day. I was almost late for a meeting with my advisor because of traffic. I finally thought i was out of traffic and then guess what. This big huge truck that has something that looks like a huge ball labeled 65,000 lbs on it is in front of me. and it has flag cars in front and behind it and they are going like ten miles an hour. I was mad. So then i get to school and no parking spots. wonderful. I had to park all the way at the end of the main parking lot and then run to feldman with tons of books slowing me down. then english. that wasn't bad, we taught each other, and math, well thats just boring. So i'm starting to think okay maybe just a bad morning you know, all done. I was so wrong. Chemistry comes along and i get a 67 on my test. Luckily he curves the grades so he doesn't fail like half the class so it was actually a borderline C+ B-, but that's not the point. I want to do well without the curve, like get a good grade to begin with. Don't get me wrong i love the curve as it is helping me pass, but still. And i talked to my prof. and told him how i was struggling and it's not like i don't try. I study like mad, i read the text, i do the homework, but chemistry is just not my thing. He said he understood and to just keep trying. A lot of people are not good at it, i just have to pass and keep trying to do well. So i was sad. Then traffic all the way home and i am just very stressed. So i am going to finish homework and just go to bed. I shall blog at some point.

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  1. I wish that my chem prof would curve my test, i so need that lol